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Force 1 is an environmentally friendly product comprised of the world's leading professional formula. 100% concentrated, it is a fusion of patented components designed to work.

It has been tested through a spectrographic oil analysis and Falex Pin & V-Block Wear Test Method, approved by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM), an ecological product that extends regular oil change intervals, boosts gas mileage, and extends service life of critical components.

There is no other engine treatment available that's safer or more effective than Force 1. It improves the engine oil's contribution to fuel economy increasing it's resistance to oxidation and deterioration of the motor oil at high temperatures.

Formulated with Force 1 TM dispersant inhibitor and viscosity index improver technology, the treatment allows for savings of up to 14% on fuel. Save gas and do not let your engine start the fight against friction and wear without Force1. It pays for itself in just a tank or two of fuel.

Force 1 is compatible with all types of motor oil and contains no solids like Teflon (PTFE), silicone, graphite, molybdenum, lead, ceramic, zinc or any other harmful substrate materials.

We are the original formulation that offers maximum flexibility for mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic lubricants, delivering new levels of enhanced operating performance and profitability. You can count on our technology.

For Diesel Engines

  • Our formula enhances the lubricant's ability to prevent excessive wear and deposits in diesel engines that use low and high sulfur content diesel fuels.
  • Protects heavy-duty diesel engines from soot related problems, such as oil filter plugging and viscosity breakdown.
  • Enhancing the performance of vehicles, marine engines, machinery, and other industrial equipment, by improving the performance of all mineral, semi synthetic and synthetic motor oils leads to fuels burning cleaner, engines running smoother and machines lasting longer.

For Manual Transmissions and Differentials

  • Force 1 treatment meets top performance for heavy-duty truck gears, bus manual transmissions, differentials and rear axles. It helps to prevent wear, pitting, scoring, protects against oxidation, rust, copper corrosion and foaming. It also promotes longer gear tooth life and smoother gear changes.
  • Due to our leading research and breakthrough in tribology, Force 1 is positioned to offer performance advantages over some of the most advanced lubrication technology available today.
  • Today's world is on the move with new ideas, new formulas, and new products, focused on enhancing performance for consumers around the globe. The Force 1 technology and chemistry are dedicated to defining the future of motion.
  • It is not intended for use in automatic transmissions, limited-slip or positraction differentials, or any unit requiring limited lubrication.

Formulated and Manufactured in Canada. Please keep Force1 out of reach from children. It is harmful if swallowed.

Test Results

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Below you will find PDF versions of test results performed on a variety of automobiles, before and after Force1 treatment.

Adobe Reader File Format Petro Laboratories - Original Force 1 Testing (665.97kB)

Adobe Reader File Format Ontario Drive Clean - Test Result Comparisons (4.47MB)

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